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3 weeks to go!

It’s only 3 weeks till WPCYC…

RSVP date is this Thursday 16th March so if you haven’t registered post your forms this weekend!



Registration forms for 2017

Hi everyone,  here are the registration forms for Western Plains Youth Convention 2017.

WPCYC17 leader forms

(one is needed for every leader coming with your group)

WPCYC17 camper forms

(one is needed for every camper coming with your group –  you may wish to make a photocopy for your own records before you post the originals in with your group registration)

WPCYC 17 Group-Booking-Sheet

( This is a PDF version of the group registration form for you to  print out and then fill in.)

WPCYC 17 Group-Booking-Sheet

(This is a Word document if you would prefer to type into the document then print it out.)


When you register your group you need to submit to us:

– one completed group booking sheet for the entire group with payment for the group.

– a leader form for every leader.

– a camper form for every camper.







When is the next WPCYC?

WPCYC has moved! It’s now in April. Yes we are changing. This is awesome. It won’t clash with exams. You can kick the year off with a bang.

So our next Youth Convention will be April 2/3 2016. Details here.


April 2/3 2016